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Enjoy a week in Mauritius for £899pp, saving £200. Stay at the Coin de Mire hotel on half board basis with return flights from Heathrow, upgrade to a Deluxe room and private car transfers. Book by January 25. x431 . Kyle Busch was atop

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(WEST HARTFORD, Conn.) — A Connecticut man is in custody after police say he left his 2-year-old daughter alone in his idling car and she put the vehicle into drive, smashing it into parked cars.

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Security sources and witnesses said the car rammed into the building and blew up, badly damaging parts of an office complex where close to 400 people normally work for U.N. agencies.

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In choosing a motorcycle dirt bike, a lot of things must be considered. A motor dirt bike is used for the closed all-terrain, off-road circuit. There are many sports that use this motor vehicle. One of which is Freestyle, a different variation of supercross. The motocross used will not be racing. In

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}); 3 Offer a guarantee. When a customer is paying for an expensive car repair, she wants some assurance that the vehicle will work properly or that you will take care of the issue if it does not. Offering a guarantee based on a certain period of time or mileage will show that you stand behind all w

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Maruti reached its production limit of 1 million cars in March this year, but is stretching its existing manufacturing capacities to make more cars to meet demand. wholesale autel mv301 ° Disa

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It was the 15th annual National Chem-E-Car collegiate competition, testing students' knowledge of how innovative fuels can power a shoe-box-size car for a specified distance. wholesale autel

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For both auto and taxi drivers, the shortage of petrol and diesel coupled with traffic diversions and traffic jams on the city's roads due to Metro Rail work have taken a toll on their daily earnings. I have had to turn away customers today. My daily income has been badly affected. Tomorrow if the s

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Ahead on Hwy. 61 was the Burns Avenue cross street, and Salter signaled right. He said he was pulling to the side and estimated he was going 5 mph when Rindal used a pursuit intervention technique, or P.I.T. maneuver, designed to knock a fleeing vehicle sideways so the driver loses control and stops

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Commissioner Amy Broyles said the development is an example of the type of growth that officials have hoped for because it is designed to help cut down on automobile use. ∏ Stroker: Similiar to a blower someone who comes into the store trying to buy a car wasting the salesman 's time by nev

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