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History of gamesSince there have been people, they have been playing games. There is apparently a need among people to pay some their time engaged in playful activities. While almost all animals show some kind of play behaviors, human civilizations have transformed the art of the game into something wondrously complex.

From board games and dice to soccer and baseball, the existing video game revolution is the latest incarnation of a past-time with a strong tradition.Development of video gamesSeveral early versions of interactive video games were met with minimal success during the mid 20th century but with the release of the historic 'Pong' home video game in 1975, the nature of home enjoyment was forever changed. The television was no further merely a passive device for acquiring information and entertainment; it became an active platform for various kinds of media. As computer technology quickly increased, the products for home game methods followed in lock step. The first video-game systems were simple box-like models that were only really effective at doing one thing. 'Pong' for instance did little more than shift a pixilated dot around a television screen. When later types of game platform such as the Atari 2600 the Nintendo Entertainment System introduced cartridge consoles, an enormous market was born.

The progress of the console continues and modern machines can do a lot more than their predecessors, including serving as media tools for music, films and internet.ControversyAs rapidly as video games began to gain popularity the medium also began to attract controversial attention. Involved parents worried that young ones could be adversely suffering from hours in front of the television and moves to manage a were spawned. As with many responses to new technology, considerations proved to be less serious than first thought. The problem is perhaps not fixed but there have been reports suggesting benefits to gaming for example increased motor skills and attention-span. Some promoters have also asserted that it's actually difficult to get kids that are good at video games and negative at school.Future of Video GamesThe vast escalation in the technology of game programs has allowed modern gaming to increase in ways that were unimaginable just a few decades ago.

As the gaming technology has grown up, games and game programs have grown up together with them. That enjoyment method is not any longer just for the kids. Sport conditions have become increasingly complex and practical in an ongoing attempt to compete in market that is now worth billions.Undoubtedly new technological innovations will continue steadily to change what is possible in video-games. More and more folks are connected to large multiplayer games through the web and in the age of the global network this is just one more way the world is shrinking. New developments in artificial intelligence and virtual reality are previously testing the boundaries of the possible and the sole sure-thing about the potential of game titles is that they're here to stay.

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