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Today's connected cars physically access the Internet in several ways. Some cars, such as those equipped with the Ford Sync system , tap into the Internet connection on a driver's smartphone or a wireless USB adapter . Others, such as the 2011 Audi A8, use a separate data connection built into the c

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The Lit C-1s incredible balancing feature is attributed to a set of gyroscopes built-into the floor of the vehicle. The gyroscopes spin rapidly about 12,000rpm in response to electronic sensors to keep the vehicle balanced at all times. ≥ The 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan gets a facelift for 20

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For the last quarter century, the NUMMI plant has pumped out vehicles — 6,000 a week, on average. When GM went bankrupt, it pulled out of the joint venture. And Toyota says it didn't want to go it alone. online car diagnostic . ­I

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The proposal to build the new I-394 dealership comes from Peter Hasselquist, former general manager of Motorwerks BMW in Bloomington , who formed a limited liability company with the Carl Pohlad family to purchase a BMW franchise from Sears Imported Autos Inc. on I-394 in Minnetonka.

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Pay Listing . There are numerous websites that offer to help you advertise your car on the web. These pay sites reach more buyers from across the country, and they are comparable in price to print advertising. The advantage to advertising online, however, is that for the same cost as print advertisi

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The Code 130R hearkens somewhat to Chevy's muscle car past, but is no retro cruiser. It also uses the turbocharged 1.4-liter engine, but has rear-wheel drive. kids snapback hats . Like

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The Nokia N85 has a 5 megapixel auto focus camera with Carl Zeiss optics and an active lens cover. Video recording is also commendable - VGA resolution at 30 fps seems enough for us, although point-and-shoot cameras are already taking it to the next level with HD recording, not to mention the high-s

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“Cash for clunkers” will benefit the automakers, the dealers and people who were probably going to trade in their car anyway. As for the rest of us, we get to pick up the $1 billion tab.

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Ah, but the Mark Levinson audio system in the Lexus L5 460 sedan was really nice. It has a center-channel speaker, so vocals were centered, just like a home system would. Most car systems splash sound all around the cabin, without any focus or localization cues you'd get from a decently setup home h

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DreamWorks Animation / YouTube So did DreamWorks' multicultural cast make for a movie that actually reflects diverse perspectives? One that perhaps moves beyond stereotypes? We know that this is a movie about, um, snails that want to be race car drivers , but we couldn't keep ourselves from talking

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