DVD's To Learn Poker

DVDs to Learn Poker (Chris's Top Picks)

Over the past decade, Poker has become a major pastime for Americans once again. Due to such events as the World Series of Poker Torunaments, televised on ESPN, pokers popularity increase every year. Growing Pains Season In light of this, many DVDs have hit the market with instructions, tips and strategies for becoming a more effective player. Here are a few of them that we feel are some of the better ones.

Anne Dukes Advanced Texas Holdem Secrets - How to Beat the Big Boys

Anne Duke, one of poker's superstar females, has put together a wonderful DVD on poker strategy. Known for her uncanny talent of profiling and reading her competitors, she reveals how she does it. Along with tons of other tips and strategies, she also imparts her philosophy of the game onto the Impractical Jokers Season viewer. By the end of the DVD, you may start believing that poker isn't gambling, but an investment.

Poker Secrets from a Poker Champ

Great Spenser for Hire Season DVD with tips and strategies straight from the superstars. Not only that, its loaded with tons of entertaining footage of the greats before they were. If you are an advanced player or just an avid spectator of The Killing Season World Series of Poker, you will thoroughly enjoy this DVD.

Phil Hellmuths Texas Holdem- 2 DVD Set (Masters of Poker)

This one is spectacular for the novice/amateur. 2 DVDs packed with priceless tips straight from the master himself. Most people, having watched The Vampire Diaries Season this set, report a noticeable improvement in their game play. Even online players have utilized the tips on this DVD to become much better players. If youre looking to learn poker, advance your game, or actually become a professional, this is the DVD set for you.

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