Distinguish Television And Movies Pictures Lens

Film with a certain degree of physical materials required to form special artistic vocabulary (screen image), then the unique art of film composition in accordance with the law, these artistic vocabulary composed of an organic whole.
Thus, the formation of a unique artistic language film - film language. Screen Scene. That the King do, is "your subject in the picture showing the range." It is a different distance from the camera (including the length of the lens focal length) of the shoot and get shot.

View other produce, the film's a big step forward, which consists of a fixed place of photography into mobile photography, by a single point of view into a variety of viewpoints; ranging from the macro world, small microscopic areas can panoramic view, as if reflected in its people, watch their art, their clinical environment, observing their feelings, get aesthetic enjoyment.
At the same time, using different Scene nikon coolpix s6000, but also to create a variety of psychological effects. Here choose the main, be introduced separately.

1 Vision
Relatively far away the subject lens, the screen open, distant depth of field. General shooting natural scenery, big scenes, etc., in which the characters become Switched at Birth box set 4 very small, giving one or climb, or overlooking the magnificent feeling.
2 panorama
Camera body or the intake figures picture the scene. It is shaping the environment and the primary means of objects, and objects can be set off by the environment to show myself. Panoramic camera on the visual to the audience the impression, with the box in the theater watching the actors on stage are very similar.

Panoramic scene of a shooting often is the basis for the characters to let the audience know where the audience has a sense of space, in order to understand the development of the story.
3, medium shot
Camera intake above the knee, in part or character of the local scene. It plans to figure out from the environment, requiring the audience only pay Defiance Season 3 dvd attention to people's body movements, staring at the facial expression. It is often used in a film more.
4, close-range
Camera intake figures or objects in the upper body part. Action figures have been difficult to see the whole audience full attention was the facial expression. Close-ups of the scene is sometimes a part of intake. Intake of people above the waist and sometimes the lens, commonly referred to as the close-range.

The main feature is to show the close-range character of the face, so it is often used to express the feelings of characters in response exchanges, such as concentrate, staring, joy, sadness, anger, and so on.
5, close-up
Head or body over the shoulder shot of a detail items, known as close-up. Close-up lens is the latest line of sight. Close-up (including some close-range), its main function is simply to select and enlarge. Close-up of artistic expression canon powershot s60 battery and the value of the first art school is that it can reflect the inner character of the changes.

Moving camera shot moving the lens, called the sports lens, also known as mobile camera. It "can either make the picture seems to be particularly true, and make the audience move together with the camera, when to produce a feeling that." (Balazs: "Film Aesthetics"), the lens can be ever-changing movement, common There are push, pull, shake, move with.

1, pushing the lens
Refers to the basic subjects to push the lens does not move the camera along the optical axis Youyuanerjin to promote continuous main screen. Its role is to describe the details, highlights the main body, or things they want to emphasize outstanding performance from the entire environment out impressively in the head, very clear.

Lens can slowly push the audience into the story among the audience gradually into an "ecstasy." Push the lens can express a person's heart activity. Push the lens with fast, slow push of the differences, progressive and onrush Www.dvdcomingsoon.com/Grey-s-Anatomy-Season-13-DVD-11333.html of difference. In general, from weak to strong, from far to near, step by step.
Soon push the rapid forceful, caught off guard, resulting in tension, excitement or panic flu.
2, pull the lens
Pull and push the camera lens is just the opposite direction, back to camera, from close-range, close-up or pull into a panoramic vision of the subject from large to small. Pull the lens can sometimes create a similar panorama effect, showing the location of people in the environment, giving the audience a feeling of infection and endless imagination.

3, panning
Panning refers to the camera on a fixed position, use a tripod on the activities of the chassis so that the upper and lower body shot from the left and right crank shot. With the development of science and technology, camera shake at right angle from the extension to 360 degrees, or even continuous, rapid rotation, greatly extends the camera's field of vision, the performance of richer content, resulting in unique art atmosphere.
Panning can be expressed in the environment, an overview picture of the scene, or take account of two spatial relationships between objects.

4, shift lens
Shift refers to the camera lens on the mobile vehicle or the lift, on the subject as follows, sliding or lifting movement of the photographic method. Camera sliding along the horizontal direction as the lens, the camera moves vertically up and down in the footage as crane shots.
Whether horizontal or vertical camera movement can break the four-sided frame limitations, only the expansion of infinite space, expand horizons, while also changing the picture composition can thus overcome coolpix s6000 charger the weaknesses of the film itself, the sense of space and enhance the picture sense and the film reflects the dynamic ability to live.

Sliding the lens in life as people walked to the side, or sitting on the transport window view scenery, not only to see the dramatis personae of the action, sometimes even a feeling of action along with the dramatis personae. Lens movement is often changing, in order to create various forms to create a sense of space and extension of the main body, to show the various parts of the subject, revealing the nature of the subject.

5, with the lens
Camera to track a moving subject for photography shooting method. Shooting with a camera always follows the performance of object in the operation, continuous and detailed performance of the role of the action in action and expression, both prominent in motion, but also explain the movement direction of the moving body, speed, posture and relationship with the environment, the dynamic movement of the body to maintain consistency, will help show people in a dynamic spirit.

Push, pull, shake, move, with, each have their own strengths, together, the advantages far more than the sum of their own. So clever director, always according to the needs of the content, the integrated use of all kinds of sports lens. At the same time, very particular about lens speed, rhythm, to express the director's subjective feelings.

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