A Unique Perspective On The Best Movies Released In 2008

defianceWhat are the best movies worth seeing that were made in 2008? Even though the question is very straightforward, it all depends on your genre preference. The movie industry produced a series of blockbuster hits that filled the seats at movie theaters with hundreds of thousands of seat in movie theaters all across the country.

Americans are fascinated with the entertainment of movies. It is one of the most private means of entertainment. Whether watching in a crowded theater of viewing in the privacy of home, we all seem to find the time to indulge in the fantasy world of Hollywood entertainment.

It seems like Hollywood has a hard time keeping up with the demand for new Community movies and films. It is estimated that Hollywood movie producers released almost 500 films during 2008 and the demand does not seem to be slowing. While some where blockbusters, others consisted of English-language films, which are, for a large part, adaptations or sequels.

When 2008 was rapidly coming to a close, movie critics gathered all around the country to summarize the movies and to present their final verdicts for those movies which were deemed as overwhelming successes or dismal flops. While their verdicts do carry weight within the movie industry, there nothing but mere opinions. We all have our own preference for what truly entertains us.

The movies that received my two thumbs were movies that made me feel good inside. These movies not only transcended the Dark Matter criticisms of critics all over the country, but gained wide approval from movie goers in America and the rest of the world.

Was 2008 a good year for the movie Modern Family industry? This is not an easy question to answer. For some it was a horrible year while others enjoyed one dynamic film after another.

There's almost never a satisfying way to sum up a year of movies, Power Rangers particularly when you're just emerging from that year and still trying to analyze the importance of all the big hits or, perhaps more accurately, the lack of significance.

So what kind of movies did you enjoy in 2008? I am sure you found the time to entertain yourself and the family with movies that made you feel good inside. My personal favorites were as follows: Wanted, Tropic Thunder, Slumdog Millionaire, Burn After Reading, The Visitor, Forgetting Sarah from dusk till Dawn Marshall, Gran Torino, WALL-E, Iron Man and The Dark Knight. If you have never seen any Castle of these, I suggest you rent them at your local video store. You will love the entertainment value they bring to your world of movie indulgent.

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