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RTR Law Firm was established by Robbins, Tunkey, Ross, Amsel, Raben, & Waxman, P.A. in 1977 who are experienced attorneys in the field of criminal defense. The foremost objective of the firm is to protect the civil rights of those who are convicted of any serious crimes. The Criminal Lawyer In Miami Beach at RTR firm is specialized in providing aggressive defense to the clients and reducing their liabilities. They are one of the best criminal defense attorney Miami and are committed to provide highest quality of service. We are available round the clock and 7 days for our existing as well as prospective clients. We are accessible 24 hours and 7 days not only for our existing clients but also for the potential clients who may contact us for initial consultation of their claims.

The team also includes attorneys that specialize in handling criminal cases and consists of board certified criminal trial lawyers and board certified criminal appellate lawyers. Each attorney including the firm has received highest rating by the Martindale Hubbell Legal Directory. Apart from this, the firm has been honored as top Criminal Defense Attorney Miami by the Miami magazine and each of its members is consistently ranked as one of the best Criminal Lawyer in Miami Beach at the annual surveys conducted by leading law attorneys. The RTR law firm represents the clients effectively in matters of sex crimes that are considered to be much more serious than any other offence. Sex crimes include rape, molestation, child abuse or pornography and such other related offences. The consequences of sex crimes are very serious compared to other crimes. Those who are accused of such crimes may be sentenced to severe penalties like long term imprisonment or life time imprisonment. It may ruin the whole future of the person who is accused of such crime and even damage his reputation. The lawyers at the firm have combined experience of more than 25 years and have been providing aggressive defense to the clients in criminal matters. They understand the severe consequences of crimes on the accused and develop effective strategies for the clients that reduce their criminal liabilities.

The impacts of the crimes like murder can be daunting and ruin the entire life of the accused. It may also result in spoiling of personal and professional relationship and also problems in securing a right job. The right selection of criminal defense attorney is the foremost and vital step for those who are charged of such crimes and should not be merely based on advertisements. If you are looking for an efficient defense attorney you may contact us for initial discussion of your case by visiting our website CrimLawFirm.com

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The RTR law firm was established by Robbins, Tunkey, Ross, Amsel, Raben, & Waxman, P.A. in 1977 that are specialized Criminal Defense Attorney Miami with one of the best Criminal Lawyer in Miami Beach. One may hire the Miami Criminal Defense Attorney at RTR if facing any serious criminal charges.



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